Sunday, March 11, 2007


so remember how i said i was headed to marshalls to scope out that super shoe center. mmmm never made it. my lazy bones made the mistake of falling asleep lol..i was tired sorry. so anyway, when i finally got up i ventured out to the mall to do a tiny bit of shopping. read: bought too much damn stuff i dont need. all of which will sit in the bags for at least a week until my buyers remorse kicks in and i decide nothing fits like i thought it did or doesnt look as good under my bedroom lights as it did in the mall..yes i have a problem i know it lol. i've self diagnosed myself to be a retail bulimic. i buy and just return and buy more and return more..its crazy i know, please dont ask me to explain it. i even go as far as keeping every possible receipt under the sun. i have them in envelopes by year. again, please dont ask me to explain this. so anyway i got some good stuff, but i think i may keep most of this stuff. ask me in a week. some great jeans at express...they must have a new sistah on their design team, bc my booty was all IN them jeans! you know how exprress used to cut so small that only someone nicole richie's size could squeeze into them..i mean damn you couldnt have no type of a hip or a booty if you wanted to wear their pants. but they got hip to the game now!! so yeah fab jeans, got em love em, even took the tag off em!! that's a major step for me lol.

ok back to my weekend, as i was heading to DC last night mr mumbles called again. i'm thinking that was the last time that we will ever speak. i really am having issues with his lack of articulation skills, i mean i only really understand about a good 23% of the stuff he's saying, so what's the point. so yeah this fool tells me that he left a msg on my vm and thinks he called me by the wrong name lol...lucky for him i didnt understand the msg anyway so i didnt know what the hell name he called me! i swear i listened to that msg like 20 times trying to decipher his gibberish. but thanks for clearing that up for me, such an honest man he is. then he proceeded to tell me that he is at a point in his life where he is trying to be in a serious relationship only..not trying to date as he calls it. i'm like pump your breaks brother, this is only our 2nd conversation and you went all "serious relationship" on me. he seemed to be a little annoyed that i wasnt on the same page with him hahaha, so luckily another call came in and he had to go. i'm so glad i didnt even waste my time saving his # into my phone.

anywho, yeah i finally made it to DC and we had a ball!!! we partied, acted a fool...we even saw a stretch hummer bang into the back of an SUV. DAAAAAAAAAAAMN!!! the driver comes out the hummer with a bottle of wine or liquor or something in his hand. LOL!! hysterical, the cops were not playing with this dude at all. but despite all of that the highlight of my evening were these yummy ass empanadas that we had, oh my. i have been thinking about them all night. i swear i wanted to slap somebody's momma these things were so damn good. this has become my new obsession..i'm all over google looking for places in bmore that can stand up to my new dc spot. if anyone knows of a good place holla at your girl lol...i'm addicted now!!

Saturday, March 10, 2007


is it too much to ask for people to wear some darn reflective clothing when walking on a dark street! come on people, lets get do you expect me to drive text AND watch out for the folks dressed in all black. just had to get that off my chest.

speaking of darknes...
hopefully by now you all know that DST occurs this weekend. if you dont know then you'll be really sad when you plop in front of your tv tomorrow expecting to catch Desperate Housewives and you're an hour you might want to hop on that. it me or does it seem like this whole world is in an uproar bc DST is coming 3 weeks earlier this year. i mean there are patches for you computer, for outlook..shoot i just had to download a patch for my blackberry that is going to take 20 minutes to load! is it this serious?? you would think that companies would have prepared for this earlier..seeing how it was decided two years ago that we would extend DST. this is just as bad as the whole Y2K scare 7 yrs back when folks were building bomb shelters and buying all the darn water and food and sour patch kids out the grocery stores and what not. the darn airlines can't even get it right! it's just an hour people. maybe we need to just be like Arizona and opt out lol...they dont have all these issues. then again i guess it's a little confusing to figure out if they are 3 hours behind or 2 hours behind..too much, who can keep up with that. they need to just join on in. come on arizona, you know you wanna be like everyone else...see what peer pressure can do for ya lol?

personally i'm welcoming the extra 3 weeks, i dont know about you all. winter is such a drag..i'm so over the snow and the coats and scarves and hats and gloves and boots and dry skin ugh...just so depressing. i'm ready to throw on some flip flops, a spring dress, a jean know? feel some some on my skin..oooh wee!! shoot clothing even COSTS less during the spring and summer. this is definitely what i need in my life. so with that said, i'm off to the mall. new marshalls opened in my area with a SUPER shoe center. not sure what that means but i gotta go check it out!! i'll be sure to fill you in on the superness of it all later. too bad my shopping buddy/life advisor friend is in South Africa...she's gonna miss all the good deals. oh well lol i'll just have to buy more to compensate for my loss :-) happy Y2K7 DST folks!!!

Monday, March 05, 2007

I Just Saved a Bunch of Money on My Car Insurance but for real I did. drinks on me next time!!

so i think i told you guys this before but i'm not one to be outdone. competition is my thing, so bring it fools!! hahaha...anyway, my blogger buddy-gmail chat pal-old coworker friend not only one upped me by posting on her blog but this sucka even got a new website. well i'll be i need to step my game up. part of me would love to tell you i've been busy working, or i've been spending time studying or even working out so my ass can fit into a bikini this summer (size small please lol) but honestly all i've been doing is sitting at home being a mommy to my new kitten. funny how as i typed that all i can see is me at 75, grey hair, rocking chair, cats galore...damn. oh well, i'm still cute in this vision :-) so anyway as i was saying i need to blog more.

so yeah life has been dull to say the least. but i've decided in the next few weeks to actually spice things up a bit. read: party!!! have you guys heard about these speed dating events they have? where the hell have i been?? well i signed up for took a little bit of convincing at first. but hey worst case at least i'll get some good material to blog about!! i mean what do you wear to these type of things? naturally i will want to keep it cute and chic and a little sexy but simple enough that i dont look desperate. is that a dress?? jeans? what?! so many options. so anyway i think this is going to actually be a little fun..and shoot even essence has been talking about these type of event, so it must be legit :-) i'll let you know how it goes!!

oh i almost forgot, i met this guy this weekend. TOTAL mumbler! i'm talking mr mumbles here...i mean i could barely understand anything he was saying. half way through the conversation i was just way too tired of asking him to repeat everything i just gave up. so from my side it was a bunch of uh huh's oh really's haha's and shut up you're lying' know just enough to make him think i was following him but not enough to encourage him to keep going. then he proceeds to tell me that he enjoys plays...what type of plays do you like i ask? silly me for not knowing that this was a SAT level question! i mean what the duff...homeboy says i dont understand what you mean?? uhh i say ok well what was the last play you saw? he says umm madea something, i cant remember. now wait?? YOU did say this was one of your favorite pasttimes right?? lol...all i could do was laugh and that about wrapped up the convo for me.

oh well...once again another experience that just adds to my blogging material. and on that note i'm out of here. smiling of course bc i just saved $$!! you guys have NO idea how exciting of a day this has been for me. is this sad i'm this excited over geico?? hmmm.......

Saturday, February 17, 2007

I Should Try This...

Saturday, January 27, 2007

my m&m

As Promised...

Saturday, January 20, 2007

New Mommy!!

I made it through the first week and I think Im starting to get adjusted to being a mommy. Although I've gotten limited sleep and there are toys all over my house lol I think I'm getting the hang of it. Anywho, his name is Kane Dobbin, he's so adorable, sweet and plays ALL day long. We adopted him last week (which is another drama filled story) and finally he's all mine..well mine and Mister's :-) to come.

Monday, January 08, 2007

The Letter

Dear New Neighbors of 2B,

Let me begin by saying "welcome to the building". It really is great having you here at FH. Now that the formalities are out of the way...let's get down to business. While as much as I appreciate the gesture of removing my clothes from the dryer, and it was ever so kind of you to take it a step further and actually FOLD my clothes...I must say please dont ever do it again. I know how it is on that Lazy Saturday/Sunday morning, when you have gotten up, did some cleaning around the house, then collected all of the dirty clothes you have and dragged them all the way to the laundry room only to find that some lazy resident has either left their clothes in the dryer and they are all hard and wrinkled now (probably bc they never used fabric softener) OR you open the washer to find that clothes have been in there overnight and have that mildewy smell. Trust me I know all too well how that feels. That's why I pay special attention to make sure that I precisely time my wash and dry cycles so that I never put you in this type of dilemma. So therefre it confuses me why you would stop the dryer MID-CYCLE..proceed to fold the clothes, very neatly I might add, and gently sit them aside. All that I can conclude from this is that you thought you were pulling the wool over my eyes. Well, let it be known that 2A has a big issue with 1) someone prematurely stopping her permanent press cycle and 2) someone who she has never even seen touching her unmentionables, I mean let's get real folded by panties dude. Yes folded! I guess that was all apart of the deception...bc the darn clothes were still damp, how crafty you are 2B!! Surely you felt that they were wet as you folded, one can only assume. So now not only must I rewash these clothes, I mean for all I know you might have dropped them on the floor and contaminated them while folding (OCD, i know i know), but I also have to fricking wait for YOUR clothes to finish!!

So, In an effort to make this time here at FH a pleasant one for you, I suggest that you dont mess with my clothes again :-)

Lovingly Yours,

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